Turning vision into reality

PI-647-S (Solid Non-Vented Fruit Drying and Butchery Crate)

PI-647 Solid Crate

PI-647 Solid Crate

White available for butcheries

PI-647 Solid Crate

Stacked view

PI-647 Solid Crate

Nested view


Nesting and stackable crate

Filleted interior, no sharp edges

Provision made for branding (embossed)

Freezer compatible (capable to withstand sub-zero temperatures)



Popular in the date fruit drying process, known as the date crate or drying tray.

Sweets manufacturing and storage

Butcheries, in marinating meat and chicken

Cold storage

General purpose in factories, stores and home use



Material Weight External (mm) Internal (mm)
HDPE (PP also available on order) 1050g 600 x 400 x 75  560 x 360 x 68
Nested Stacked
75mm + 35mm 75mm + 64mm