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PI-401-V (Vented Meat-Agri Lug Box)

PI-401 Crate

PI-401 Crate Inside

Inside View

PI-401 Crate

No sharp edges

PI-401 Crate


Heavy duty vented base and sides. Crate used in agricultural and meat industry. Crate size is a market standard and interstacks with all similar crates. No sharp edges in the interior of the crate, reducing damage to produce.



Agriculture picking crate also known as the lug box; abattoirs; butcheries; cold rooms; bakeries and general storage.



Material Weight External (mm) Internal (mm)
HDPE 1.95kg 530 x 355 x 290 495 x 325 x 280

Base apertures: 20 x 11 mm (largest)
Side apertures: 33 x 9 mm (largest)