Plastic Ideas

Plastic Ideas is a proudly South African manufacturer!

We manufacture plastic crates and other high quality injection moulded products.

Plastic Ideas specialises in plastic crates, high quality plastic moulds and moulded products for local and export markets. We have been engaged in the manufacturing sector for more than 30 years.

About Plastic Ideas Products

  • Company branding available on all products including plastic crates.
  • Top quality plastic injection moulded crates at very competitive prices.
  • Short lead times, fast delivery.
  • Designed and manufactured in-house.
  • Deal directly with management.
  • Variety of colours available.

Featured Plastic Crates

PI-100-T Bread Crate

1.3kg - 595 x 525 x 180mm

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PI-401-V Agri/Meat Crate Vented Sides and Base

1.95kg – 530 x 355 x 290mm

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PI-430-VS Berry Crate – Vented Sides and Solid Base

860g – 530 x 355 x 115mm

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PI-647-V Vented Drying Tray – Vented Sides and Base

950g – 600 x 400 x 75mm

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PI-730-L Light Freezer Nesting Crate – Vented Sides and Base

1.6kg – 655 x 460 x 170mm

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PI-FC43-H160 Baby Collapsible Crate

1.05kg – 400 x 300 x 160mm

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Featured Plastic Products


PI-21 Shopping Basket

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PI-DT-86 Dolly Trolley with handle

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PI-EWB65 Eco Wheelbarrow

Eco Wheelbarrow

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