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PI-720B-IS (Semi-Vented Base, Inter-Stacking)

PI-720B-IS Semi-Vented Base, Inter-stacking

PI-720B Stacking

All new re-designed base of crate to allow for the crates to be inter-stacked and inter-locked, reducing swaying of load dramatically during transport. The bottom of the crate has been made with fewer and smaller apertures to deduce air flow (ideal for bananas).

Crate is suited for agricultural, meat and multi-purpose. This crate size is standard with existing crates in the market. The crates can be embossed with the company name and logo. Rounded interior edges reducing cutting bruising and shaving of produce.

Material Weight External (mm) Internal (mm)
HDPE (PP also available on order) 2.65kg 600 x 400 x 240 545 x 345 x 225

Industries and Uses

Broadly used in the agricultural, abattoirs and butcheries.

Multi-purpose storage crate also used in stores and supermarkets as a shelf crate.